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Why Are Celebrities Teeth so White?

Jul 01, 2022

Have you seen your favourite celebrity ever showing off discoloured teeth? Chances are they always make you wonder whether they have a unique set of teeth that never discolour or are affected by infections. However, do you know the reality behind the celebrity’s flashing smile? If not, please learn from this article how famous personalities maintain their smile.

Famous TV and Hollywood personalities all have dental problems similar to everyone else. They are also affected by tooth decay, gum disease, and discoloration of their teeth. Fortunately, celebrities have overcome their fear of dental anxiety for their profession. They are aware their popularity will dip dramatically if they don’t care for themselves as required by the cameras. It is why they pay extra attention to their dental health and visit the family dentist in Brampton frequently for exams and cleanings.

Explaining The Whiteness of Celebrity’s Teeth

Movie and TV personalities are not opposed to having pigmented foods and beverages but, in reality, gorge on them whenever possible. Unfortunately, they are not the best at maintaining excellent dental hygiene, and many have lost most or all their teeth. However, the ones having them are making every effort possible to preserve their whiteness by getting tooth whitening treatments from the Brampton dentist frequently despite the higher prices dentists charge.

The professions celebrities are involved in require them to present themselves and their best at every event or occasion. When they offer an undesirable appearance, they tend to lose revenue and contracts costing them more than the charges for whitening treatments from dentists. On most occasions, celebrities don’t consider cutting back on beverages like coffee, red wine, and staining foods to support their lifestyle. Instead, they prefer getting whitening treatments within the hour to maintain a white and bright smile.

Aren’t Teeth Whitening Treatments Harmful?

Teeth whitening treatments provided by non-dental professionals and beauty salons are harmful besides some over-the-counter whitening remedies. Fortunately, celebrities avoid cheap treatments and prefer visiting the dental office near them to receive treatments that help maintain the whiteness of their teeth. Whitening treatments provided by qualified dentists are considered optimal even by the CDC. In addition, celebrities are people with high net worth and wouldn’t want to risk harming their teeth and gums by trying remedies from unauthenticated professionals.

What Is Involved in Dentist-Provided Teeth Whitening?

Dentist-provided teeth whitening treatments for celebrities and people alike are similar and involve giving patients a safe and effective remedy that whitens teeth without causing any harm to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Dentists initially evaluate their patient’s teeth to determine whether they suffer from extrinsic or intrinsic staining. Dentists are professionals with adequate knowledge of dental anatomy and can determine the cause of discoloration appropriately. After ascertaining the reasons for the discoloration, the dentist creates a personalized treatment plan for patients according to their specific requirements.

Before starting the teeth whitening treatment, dentists provide a dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth and below the gum line. They also note the shade of the teeth for reference later.

The treatment starts by protecting the soft tissues of the mouth with cheek retractors and rubber dams to ensure the whitening ingredients do not cause sensitivity in the mouth. After protecting the patient’s mouth, dentists apply concentrated hydrogen peroxide over the teeth four times during the hour at intervals of 15 minutes each. After every 15 minutes, the existing application is suctioned off for another application. Heat and light also accompany the application of hydrogen peroxide to accelerate the treatment and deliver efficient results.

After one hour, the dentist requests the patient to rinse their mouth and receive a fluoride treatment that helps prevent sensitivity and battle against cavities for several months. They also evaluate the change in colour of the teeth, which generally improves by three to eight shades during a single appointment. Patients with extensive discolouration are recommended repeat treatments or suggested at-home trays to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening.

Celebrities being celebrities will likely not accept the at-home remedies suggested by the dentist and prefer to receive in-office whitening treatments repeatedly because they find the costs affordable. However, if you want to maintain teeth whitening results after getting your teeth whitened by the neighbourhood dentist, you find it beneficial to accept the dentist’s advice and use at-home trays besides limiting or cutting down on the consumption of pigmented foods and beverages.

Rosedale Dental Care provides safe and effective whitening treatments to many celebrities and patients alike. If you have discoloured teeth, please schedule an appointment with this practice to receive a treatment similar to stars.

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