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What Happens if the Tooth is Pulled But Not Replaced?

Jun 01, 2022

If you have gaps left by your missing teeth, the nearby teeth move from their position. Ultimately, teeth get crooked and new spaces may occur between teeth. Another issue is that the tooth located opposite your missing tooth may begin growing out from its position. Due to this, you may also face sensitivity and other problems around that erupted tooth. Read below to know why you should not delay replacing a pulled-out tooth.

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a process of removing non-repairable damaged teeth from the socket. The dental expert advises tooth pulling in the cases of tooth infection, overcrowding, trauma, injury, impacted wisdom teeth, or premature fallout of baby teeth.

Why Should I Replace My Extracted Tooth?

As we age, there are countless reasons why we get our teeth pulled. Human teeth are always shifting to adjust to the area it possesses. Therefore, the longer you wait to replace your extracted tooth, the more it puts your teeth at risk.

When an extracted tooth remains in your mouth for long, the more it will affect the neighboring tooth. It also makes the mouth bones weak and allows them to lose density.

Moreover, if you leave the tooth-pulled site unfilled for longer, your bite may alter. This puts stress on the jaw joints and may also cause TMJ disorders. It may also lead to the loss of the jawbone. This increases the requirement for bone grafting or sinus lifting.

It makes it challenging for you to get tooth restoration procedures later on. You can select between several tooth replacement options like dental implants, partial dentures, fixed dental bridges, etc. Our family dentist will help you decide which option is the most suitable according to your specific case.

After you get your extracted tooth replaced, it restores your smile and makes eating much simple. So, postponing the replacement of an extracted tooth is something you must avoid at every cost.

Risks of Not Replacing Extracted Tooth

Below are the risks of not replacing the pulled-out tooth on time:

Increases Infections in Mouth

A vacant dental socket collects food bits and bacteria inside the mouth. When this happens, brushing your teeth may not assess those areas easily.

An empty socket also creates an entry for the bacteria to access your bloodstream. It creates health issues even in other body parts. For example, this can make you more prone to lung diseases, heart valve inflammation, etc.

Teeth Misalignment

Our teeth put pressure on the teeth located on either side constantly. It means all teeth get support from the neighboring teeth to stay in their place.

So, the adjoining teeth start moving down, up, and forward to fill in the vacant areas caused by pulled teeth. It is in the case when there is no connected tooth on the opposite jaws.

This possibility can also occur even when all of your teeth are linked after tooth pulling. It leads to crooked teeth and partial gaps, making it tough to clean.

Besides this, a vacant tooth socket also makes the adjoining tooth erupt. It is mainly when the nearby tooth tries to develop and fill the space.
Teeth developing into the space of a pulled-out tooth create tight spaces and pressure between gums and teeth.

This makes it difficult for you to eat food. Shifting teeth alignment also negatively affects your bite. To get help with it, visit Rosedale Dental Care today.

Deterioration of Gums and Jawbone

The jawbones and gums help in anchoring teeth roots in their place. The roots stimulate them and make your body repair damaged cells continuously. It increases the risk of tooth loss and alters the face structure.

Moreover, when there are no teeth to support that region, the jawbone and gums start deteriorating. Apart from this, the loss of bone makes your lips and cheeks appear sunken. It makes you look aged instantly.

The decline of the lower jawbone recedes the jawline and chin. On the other hand, when there is no upper jawbone, it makes an inward curve on the face. That is why it is essential to replace an extracted tooth. It helps in preserving jaw and teeth functionality and maintaining your dental health.

Contact Brampton Dental Office for Your Tooth Replacement Options

After getting a tooth pulled, replacing it is vital to keep the mouth bone healthy. To know about various Orthodontic treatments, contact our dental specialist today!

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