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What Causes a Root Canal?

Jul 01, 2023

A root canal is a procedure to eliminate infections inside the tooth which you might develop from untreated cavities, injuries, and impacts on your tooth and leave them untreated, enabling the bacteria in your mouth to infect the dental pulp. You will require this endodontic treatment when you leave dental infections or injuries untreated when your dentist recommends it.

A root canal helps eliminate the bacteria infecting the tooth and prevents reinfection to preserve your natural tooth. When you receive root canal treatment from the dental clinic near you, the dentists remove the inflamed or infected pulp and clean the insides of the tooth carefully before disinfecting and sealing it.

What Are the Manifestations of Needing a Root Canal?

There are many symptoms indicating the need for a root canal. They are excruciating pain when chewing or biting, temperature sensitivity to hot and cold even after removing the sensation, chipped or cracked teeth, pimples on the gums, deep decay or darkening of the gums, and swollen or dental gums.

When you experience the above symptoms, you will likely rush to the dentist in Brampton, ON, to determine what’s wrong with your tooth. The dentist confirms you need a root canal after taking x-rays of the tooth and noticing dental pulp damage by your mouth bacteria. When infected by bacteria, the dental pulp becomes inflamed, allowing the microorganisms to multiply and spread. Therefore the dentist recommends a root canal to eradicate the infection inside your tooth and helps prevent extraction, which is the only alternative available if you refuse treatment.

Why Prefer a Root Canal to Extractions?

When recommending a root canal, the Brampton dentist explains root canal advantages as opposed to extracting the tooth to convince you why the treatment helps.

Extracting your tooth will leave a gap between your teeth, impacting your smile and mouth functionality. You will also experience the consequences of losing a tooth because you refused a root canal that helps save your natural tooth. In addition, you become responsible for replacing the missing tooth to avoid the consequences of tooth loss that will undoubtedly affect you sooner instead of later.

The consequences of a missing tooth include a misalignment in your mouth because your remaining teeth start drifting toward the empty void, problems with indigestion because you must swallow large chunks of food instead of chewing correctly, and infections in your mouth from food particles and bacteria accumulating in the vacant void needing repeated visits to dentists for treatments. Therefore you must replace the missing tooth as soon as possible at a high cost to prevent the consequences of losing it.

Any Connection between Root Canals and Cancer?

The connection between a root canal and cancer is similar to chalk and cheese. Medical treatments have myths and misconceptions, and root canals are no exception. Getting a root canal will not make you vulnerable to cancer or any other disease but will help you prevent many medical conditions if you decide not to receive the treatment. Therefore when your dentist recommends a root canal for your infected tooth, consider having it as soon as possible before the infection enters your bloodstream and spreads to your body to make you vulnerable to conditions like cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and others needing help from different medical professionals.

Is It Possible for Root Canals to Cause Problems a Year Later?

After receiving a root canal, the Brampton dentist recommends restoring the tooth after healing in about two weeks with a durable dental crown to continue using the tooth for many years. However, root canal-treated teeth can develop infections due to damage to the restoration, if some condition remains in the tooth when receiving the treatment or if the tooth attracts other infections to cause problems.

Root canal-treated teeth can develop problems weeks, months, or years later because of the conditions described. They will require retreatment by undergoing a similar procedure to remove the infection inside the tooth. Occasionally canals in the tooth remain undetected with infections to cause problems a year or two later. However, the Brampton dentist can help you preserve and use your tooth for many years if you are affected by such unfortunate incidences.

You will need a root canal if you have an infected tooth with dental pulp inflamed. You can receive help from Rosedale Dental Care if you arrange a meeting with them to understand why a specific tooth is causing excruciating pain and temperature sensitivity. Getting the treatment the dentist recommends is the best option to save your natural tooth unless you want to endure various complications, including finances, because of the infected tooth.

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