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Should I Eat Normally after Teeth Whitening Treatment?

May 01, 2023

If you recently whitened your teeth and want to prevent discoloration soon, you may wonder whether you can eat regular foods after therapy. Teeth bleaching treatments help improve the looks of your teeth to complement your smile and are not designed to starve you. Therefore, after whitening your teeth, you can continue generally eating as you would keep yourself nourished.

While we mention you can continue having your everyday foods and beverages, we must emphasize continuing them with caution and avoid staining your teeth too soon after investing considerably in professional teeth whitening treatment.

While eating and drinking do not pose challenges, dentists recommend following a specific diet for a few days after whitening your teeth. In addition, they suggest avoiding staining foods and beverages that discolour your teeth to make you need whitening treatments at a dental office. Therefore it helps if you exercise caution to ensure your teeth remain brighter, allowing you to smile without embarrassment because of your discoloured teeth.

Reasons for Tooth Discoloration

Your teeth can discolour for various reasons, but the most prominent among them are the foods and beverages you regularly consume because they are the leading culprits for the discoloration. You can also develop stains on your teeth from lifestyle habits like smoking. In addition, aging, infections and injuries all contribute to the discolouration of teeth, leaving you with extrinsic stains on the surface or intrinsic stains on the dentin.

After realizing that foods and beverages are the primary culprits besides smoking that discolours your teeth, you should exercise caution with your dietary choices and try to quit smoking because it harms your general and dental health to make you a candidate for expensive cosmetic procedures to whiten your teeth.

Dietary Restrictions after Teeth Whitening

While you do not have to go hungry after getting your teeth whitened, the dental office whitening your teeth will suggest you reduce the sensitivity and discomfort of your teeth along the treatment by limiting the consumption of staining foods and beverages.

Although you can continue eating normally, you must restrict yourself to foods high in chromogens, tannins and acids because they are fantastic to indulge in after whitening.

You can wholeheartedly have chicken and turkey, fish, rice and pasta, cheese, onion, eggs, potatoes, bread, bananas, yogurt, and porridge. During the initial 48 hours following the whitening treatment must prefer eating foods that will not discolour your teeth immediately after whitening them.

You must avoid some of your favourites like coffee, tea, red wine, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, dark sauces and fruits, curry, sweets, and tobacco.

After receiving professional teeth whitening and investing in your smile, it helps if you avoid the foods described and remain on a white food diet for a few days after getting your teeth whitened by overcoming all apprehensions about dentists and the procedures they perform.

What Happens If You Do Not Impose Restrictions on Certain Foods?

Your freshly whitened teeth will not consider whether you brightened them using toothpaste or had the family dentist in Brampton perform a professional job on your teeth. As a result, the foods and beverages you have will start to discolour your teeth soon after getting them brightened by the dentist to display a beautiful smile. Similarly, if you are a smoker, the stains from tobacco start gathering on your teeth soon after you light up your first cigarette.

Your teeth are susceptible to staining from the conditions described earlier, making it essential to care for them appropriately either by having a white diet and trying to avoid infections or injuries on your mouth that might impact your teeth. In addition, remaining careful with your teeth is the best option to prevent tooth discolouration, which eventually occurs due to irreversible aging.

The major contributor to discoloured teeth is the foods and beverages you consume daily, besides neglecting visits at six monthly intervals for exams and cleanings. Dental plaque constantly forming on your teeth and hardening into tartar also contributes to discoloration and makes your teeth appear brownish. Six monthly exams by your dentist ensure you receive a dental cleaning and polishing to make your teeth appear brighter than earlier to help prevent the need for cosmetic therapies for whitening teeth. Therefore after getting your teeth professionally whitened, you must care for them as the dentist recommends by incorporating a white diet and quitting smoking forever to benefit your dental and general health.

If your teeth are discoloured, Rosedale Dental Center can brighten them in a short appointment, providing advice on how to prevent faster discoloration of your teeth by suggesting some tips. Get your teeth whitened from them if you intend to maintain the results for as long as possible.

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