Sedation Dentistry In Brampton, ON

If you have been avoiding your dentist due to the fear you experience when in the dental chair, contact a Rosedale Dental Care professional in Brampton. Being tense at the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of

– but it is no reason to let your oral health fall into despair. Sedation dentistry can provide patients with a way to keep their smile healthy and ease tension and anxiety at the dentist.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Dental professionals in the Brampton, ON have been using sedation to make the patient experience more comfortable for several years. Patients may express interest in sedation for different reasons. Some patients experience intense fear or anxiety at even the thought of dental procedures. Patients may often skip dental appointments due to the feelings of discomfort experienced. If you are resistant to anesthesia, are getting a big procedure done, have had a bad experience in the past, or feel tense when visiting the dentist, speak with your dentist about sedation.

Types of Sedation

If you speak with your dentist about sedation dentistry also known as sleep dentistry, you can learn about how we can make your experience more comfortable and keep you relaxed. We offer various methods of sedation that can be administered depending on the procedure being performed as well as the preference of the patient. Some of these sedative options include:

  • Laughing Gas: It starts working quickly and wears off fast as well, so you can get a dental procedure and then return home or to work.
  • Oral Sedatives: Sedatives must be taken prior to dental appointments or treatments. They take about an hour to start working, and you will not be able to drive to or from the dental appointment.
  • IV Sedation: IV sedation can be used to either put you in a less aware state or completely to sleep. You will not remember the procedure and will need to recover before leaving the dental office.

If you’re interested in Rosedale Dental Care, contact a professional dentist in Brampton to speak with someone about how oral sedation can be used to help you.

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