Root Canals in Brampton, ON

Sometimes a tooth can suffer severe inflammation or infection within its roots. This can result in persistent and significant oral pain that will not resolve on its own, causing interference in your daily life. Thankfully, there are endodontic treatments, such as root canals, intended to save an affected tooth rather than subjecting it to removal by extraction.

A root canal procedure can mean the difference between saving or losing a permanent tooth. Root canals in Brampton are effective solutions for tooth preservation as well as relieving extreme oral discomfort. Rosedale Dental Care offers root canal treatment near you.

Symptoms Requiring Endodontic Treatments

Persistent and intense oral pain can be a miserable experience and interrupt your ability to function. Your dentist can identify whether a root canal is necessary based on your symptoms and oral health assessment.

In addition to persistent and/or intense tooth pain, these symptoms may indicate the need for endodontic therapy:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Tooth sensitivity to heat and/or cold
  • Swollen gums
  • Tooth sensitivity to touch

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule an examination for endodontics near you as soon as possible. Finding out that you need a root canal can be stressful. However, the problem will only worsen if untreated, resulting in further damage to your oral health.

Root Canal Dentist and Procedure

A root canal is intended to alleviate your oral pain and save one or more of your permanent teeth from severe damage and possible extraction. During a root canal, our dentist will remove the pulp inside the tooth. This allows your dentist to clean, disinfect, and shape the tooth’s root canals, bringing it back to health.

Once this procedure is completed, the tooth becomes vulnerable. Therefore, for protection, the affected tooth requires a root canal filling. Overall, root canals effectively prevent permanent tooth extraction by treating decay and damage to the afflicted tooth. This alleviates pain for the patient and restores oral health.

Preventing permanent tooth loss is in a patient’s best interest for long-term dental health and function. If you are experiencing severe and persistent tooth pain, your endodontist in Brampton can help. Contact Rosedale Dental Care for information about root canal treatment as well as other restorative procedures.

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