Oral Cancer Screenings in Brampton, ON

Rosedale Dental Care in Brampton performs oral cancer screenings to help ensure that your mouth is healthy. An oral cancer treatment is an examination that checks for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in the mouth.

Why It’s Done

Screenings are usually performed during a routine dental visit. The goal of the examination is to detect mouth cancer or precancerous lesions early when they are easiest to remove and most likely to be cured before oral cancer can develop or progress. It’s not agreed that all patients, such as healthy people with no risk factors for mouth cancer, need oral cancer screenings. However, people who have a high risk of oral cancer (such as those who use tobacco of any kind, have a high level of alcohol use, or a family history of cancer) may be more likely to benefit from it. It hasn’t been proven that oral cancer screening saves lives, and there is no single exam or screening test that can reduce the risk of dying of oral cancer, but you can discuss its benefits with your dentist to determine whether it is right for you. There are also other ways of reducing your risk of oral cancer, such as quitting smoking.

What to Expect

During an oral cancer screening, your Brampton dentist will look over the inside of your mouth to check for red or white patches, along with mouth sores. He or she will then feel the tissues in your mouth (using gloved hands) to look for lumps and other abnormalities. There are also other tests that can be used as part of an oral cancer screening. One test consists of using a special blue dye before an exam. After you rinse your mouth with the dye, abnormal cells will absorb the dye and appear blue.


If any problem areas are detected during your screening, your dentist may recommend a follow-up visit to see if the area(s) are still present and, if so, whether they have changed over time. A biopsy may also be recommended to test the areas of concern.

To ensure your complete oral health, talk to your Professional dentist at Rosedale Dental Care about oral cancer screenings in Brampton.

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