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How Are Dental Bridges Used?

Jan 02, 2020

The primary aim of a dental bridge is to close a gap in the dental arch which may be caused by a missing tooth or teeth. It can help to improve the appearance as well as the function of the mouth to allow patients the ability to eat and speak as they were doing before losing their teeth. Dental bridges may be used to replace:

  • 1 to 4 incisors.
  • A canine.
  • One or more molars.
  • Two premolars and the first molar.

The word used for the infirmity when one or more teeth are missing from the dental arch is partial edentulism but healthy teeth remain on the arch are able to support the bridge. The most common reason for a dental bridge is this condition when healthy teeth in the arch are not available to support the bridge and dental implants may be needed to support any restorations with a tooth Bridge.

Dental bridges may also be useful when there are indications of large cavities or erosions in the teeth. The severely damaged teeth may be extracted before a dental bridge is placed as a replacement. This procedure must only be conducted if the natural teeth are severely damaged and cannot be salvaged.

Dental Bridges Can Also Be Used for Aesthetic Reasons

One of the main reasons why dental bridges are offered to patients is to restore the appearance of the smile and maintain their facial shape. Teeth have an important role to play in the overall appearance of a person and having a full smile without gaps left behind by missing teeth can make a significant difference to improve the confidence of the individual. Placing a dental bridge on front teeth can help to prevent the remaining teeth from moving out of position to alter the shape of the jaw and face. They can also function as partial dentures for front teeth that may require replacement because of certain defects like unsightly fillings, abnormal shape, and discoloration.

Dental Bridges Are Also Functional

A tooth bridge can also help to improve the function of the mouth for people who have missing or we teeth because they find it difficult to speak and chew properly. Filling the gap with a tooth bridge can be a useful method of restoring the individuals speaking and chewing ability. Moreover, they are also useful in assisting to properly distribute the forces when biting. This is an important function to maintain the strength in the other healthy teeth and to prevent additional problems in the future.

Are Dental Bridges Suitable Solutions for Everyone?

There are some situations when a dental bridge is unlikely to be the best solution especially when insufficient healthy abutment teeth are available on the dental arch support the bridge. The bridge will not receive the stability it deserves and may create more damage in the mouth. In such cases, alternative solutions like a removable denture or dental implants which are considered better suited to these situations may be suggested by the dentist in Brampton.

Dental bridges cannot be considered a suitable solution for patients that continue to maintain unhygienic oral conditions. Patients must understand the need to maintain good oral hygiene habits for taking care of the bridge and increasing the durability of the restoration. The dentist encourages patients to improve their oral hygiene practices before undergoing any restorations with a dental bridge. They may also not be suitable for questions that are suffering from excessive bone loss, have large pulp chambers or the elderly.

Why Choose Dental Bridges over Dental Implants?

There are many advantages dental bridges can provide over dental implants despite dental implants now being the preferred option for tooth restorations among patients.

A dental bridge generally consists of two or more specially fitted crowns that are placed on the abutment of the anchoring teeth on both sides of the space created by the missing tooth or teeth. Fixed bridges are reliable and strong and generally have an appearance that looks can feel similar to natural teeth. The Pontics are the false teeth that close the gaps between the abutment teeth and are made from porcelain alloys, gold, or a combination of materials. Your natural teeth can be the anchors or implants by providing the main support for the bridge.

When having a dental bridge in your mouth some tooth enamel needs to be removed but it is a small price to pay to improve your appearance and smile in the immediate term. Visit our expert dentist at Rosedale Dental Care in Brampton, ON to consult more about the Dental Bridges for better understanding.

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