Do I need a dental bridge? Types, Procedure, cost of getting a dental bridge.

Do I need a dental bridge? Types, Procedure, cost of getting a dental bridge.

May 01, 2021

In the summer of 2019, I had an accident while hiking up the hill near our home. I lost one of my front teeth, along with other injuries. It changed my facial appearance and I didn’t like it one bit, it was horrible! Call me vain, no problem. My dentist walked me through the options available for dental prosthetics and we decided on the dental bridge. We will explore all the details about dental bridges. So read on!

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of tooth prostheses that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It comprises a false tooth (pontic) fused to two crowns. These three-in-one parts are attached and cemented to the abutment teeth.

Some terminologies you need to know.

  • Pontic: false teeth. It often lies between dental crowns. All 3 parts form the dental bridge that is attached to your teeth.
  • Abutment tooth: it is your natural tooth or dental implants that lies on each side of the gap left by the missing tooth.

For people missing one or two teeth, a dental bridge is an effective way to solve that problem. When you are fitted with a dental bridge it is almost like you never lost a tooth. It helps in bite, helps you chew and also eat properly; and also helps your teeth look better.

Types of dental bridge and their procedures.

There are different types of dental bridges available. You and your dentist will choose the one that is the best fit to your condition. The four types of dental bridge are:

  • Maryland dental bridge: It is mostly used for front teeth. It is also referred to as an adhesive bridge. This type of bridge is supported by porcelain or metal framework “wings”. The wings are bonded and cemented to the back of the abutment teeth. It does not require the filing and shaping of the abutment teeth that will support it.
  • Traditional bridge: This is the most common type of dental bridge. It consists of a pontic fused between two dental crowns. It is often used for situations whereby there are natural teeth on either side of the gap. It requires the filing of the abutment teeth where the bridge will be fixed.
  • Cantilever bridge: Unlike the traditional bridge, where the pontic is fused to two dental crowns and attached to the two abutment teeth. The cantilever bridge is fused to only one dental crown. It is then attached to only one abutment tooth. This means that it is employed in situations where there is only one tooth next to the gap left by the missing tooth.
  • Implant-supported bridge: this type of bridge is supported by dental implants. instead of crowns and metal frameworks like the traditional and maryland bridge respectively. Dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone directly. The number of dental implants inserted depends on the number of teeth missing. Then the tooth bridges are fixed to them.

Most of the dental bridge procedures require at least two dental appointments.

The first visit is:

  • For your dentist to file your teeth (for traditional or cantilever bridges).
  • Your dentist will also take an impression or digital scan of your teeth. This is used to construct a new bridge for you
  • A temporary dental bridge is placed on your teeth

Second dental visit:

  • The newly constructed bridge is fixed to your teeth

Cost of getting a dental bridge

The cost of getting a dental bridge depends on the following:

  • Region you live in. For example, the cost of dental bridge in Brampton, ON is different from other region
  • Whether it is covered by insurance
  • Additional procedure done by your dentist
  • The type of dental bridge used

The cost of getting a traditional and cantilever fixed bridge varies between $2000-$6000. While for Maryland bridge the cost varies between $1400-$2500. The most expensive type of dental bridge is the implant supported bridge which is between $5000-$18,000.

Also find out whether your insurance will cover the full or partial cost of dental bridge procedure.


Dental bridges are an excellent option for fixing missing teeth. It improves the function and aesthetic of your teeth.

Good dental hygiene is important in ensuring that your dental bridge lasts longer. Living in Brampton, Canada? You can fix an appointment and visit the Rosedale dental care to speak with a dentist about dental bridges. There are also dental websites available or other dental care centers available in your region where you can get information.

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