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Choosing the Right Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

Mar 18, 2020

As your child develops, they develop baby teeth, which come as an extra responsibility to you as a parent. Children’s teeth are frail and highly susceptible to dental infections. You child’s first teeth will develop roughly at the age of 6 months. This is the perfect time to call in a child’s dentist to examine the growth pattern of your baby’s teeth.

There is no defined difference between pediatric dentist and your regular family dentist. They have the same professional qualifications, but pediatric dentists have a speciality in dealing with children.

In addition to a medical degree, they have certified training in proper children dental care. Children’s dentist also knows the right medications, sedatives and procedures paramount to children.

Why are Pediatric visits essential?

Children dental care is a responsibility that should never be ignored at all costs. You might risk the occurrence of further disorders that might cost you more money and time and are harder to treat when you could simply have avoided them.

Below are functions of a pediatric dentist in child dentistry.

  • They conduct oral exams which evaluate and eliminate possibilities of decay and dental caries during early child development.
  • Pediatric dentists give you precautionary measures to secure your child from various oral diseases. These include fluoride treatment, tips on the best diets and nutrition, education and dental clean-ups.
  • If your child has abnormal tooth development patterns, they are detected early enough and halted. Orthodontic disorders such as crooked teeth, misaligned dental and improper bites are also corrected.
  • Dental injuries such as tooth fractures will be taken care of during the visits.
  • Dentistry for children offers counselling towards awful children habits such as thumb sucking. You will be advised on the importance of pacifiers and how to use them.
  • Tooth decay or gum infections in your child’s mouth are also treated during a Pediatric visit.

With frequent visits and interactions, you will notice that your child enjoys oral examinations. Ensure you create the friendliest communication between the child and dentist. Your child’s oral health and hygiene will drastically improve, as is the joy of every parent.

How do you determine the best pediatric dentist for your child?

Here are the key points you should consider before choosing the right Pediatrician for your child.

Active Practice Licensing

We advise that you check whether the dentist you choose has the necessary license to practice the profession. Pediatricians’ licenses are customarily permitted by the medical state board. Usually, the licenses are displayed at the reception, so be sure to check. If they are not there, don’t hesitate to enquire from the dentist.

Are they qualified and certified

You should be sure that the pediatrician you are choosing has completed a course in Pediatric Dentistry in an accredited institution. This way, you will be sure your kid is receiving professional treatment from a certified specialist.


It’s essential to first visit the clinic and familiarize with staff before enrolling your child for a Pediatric program. If your child is the autistic type, then you may want to choose the friendliest staff. Plus the hospital should not be very far from your home. Long-distance travels might give your child anxiety and unnecessary tantrums.

Dental Equipment Available

Before the first appointment, make a tour to the dental clinic and check if they have equipment fit for Pediatric dentistry. They should be able to offer all children dental care services your child might need. Things to look out for include an oxygen tank, papoose board, pulse oximeter, sedation options and more.

Is the environment fun and welcoming?

Children and even adults have anxiety when referred to a dental clinic. That’s why you should ensure that a Pediatric visit is least frightening to your kid. At Rosedale Dental Care, we ensure our offices have bright décor that creates a happy environment necessary for children. This helps reduce any anxiety your kid might have, and they get to enjoy Pediatric visits even more.

Apart from the décor also check the Brampton dentists themselves. You don’t want a specialist who intimidates your kid all through the procedure. A good pediatrician should be interactive and engage the child in lively conversations. It helps to create a bond of trust between the child and the doctor.

Do they offer preventative treatments?

At any instance, prevention is better than cure! You don’t have to wait until your child develops complications to have them have an oral assessment. Consider whether your dental care provider takes any preventative approaches when treating your child.

Protective treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride treatment should be the number one considerations. Baby teeth are highly vulnerable to decay and cavities even with regular brushing. Check whether the dentist takes examinations to determine your child’s oral health and fluoride levels. If they are abnormal, enquire for suggestions on beneficial fluoride supplements.

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