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Can Root Canals Cause Any Health Issues?

Nov 01, 2022

If you have severely decayed, injured, or infected teeth, the family dentist in Brampton will recommend a root canal. It is a procedure to save the affected tooth and restore it instead of an extraction. However, some people have misgivings about a root canal procedure. Continue reading to learn whether this endodontic treatment causes any health issues.

What Occurs during Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is an endodontic treatment. It means the dentist must access the infected roots inside the tooth. Therefore, they will administer appropriate anesthesia and sedative to ensure you are comfortable. Next, they will drill a tiny hole into the tooth and expose the dental pulp.

Then, the dentist will remove the damaged tissues and clean the root canals thoroughly. Next, they will put some antibiotics in the area to clear all infections and fill the hole. Finally, they will take impressions or images of the tooth and fabricate a dental crown. The dentist will ensure it resembles surrounding teeth for a uniform appearance. The crown will fit over the treated tooth.

Afterwards, the dental expert will examine your tooth to ensure proper healing. They will then place the crown on the tooth and cement it. The tooth-like cap strengthens the treated tooth and prevents further infections. It also aids in restoring your smile and chewing ability.

Are Root Canals Bad for You?

The theory that root canal therapy causes serious health issues is unfounded. It originated several decades ago when doctors thought local infections caused chronic diseases. Therefore, dentists extracted damaged or infected teeth to prevent diseases.

Fortunately, as the doctors identified the cause of the chronic diseases, they disproved the theory. In addition, they did further research to show the benefits of a root canal. Therefore, they started performing root canals instead of having the tooth pulled out. The American Association of Endodontists reports that root canals do not cause illnesses or diseases.

Today, advanced dental technologies have made the procedure acceptable and routine. Therefore, if the family dentist in Brampton has recommended a root canal for you, do not worry. They will carry out the procedure safely and will not cause any health issues.

Risk of Avoiding Root Canal

Avoiding a root canal when needed is likely to cause serious repercussions. Untreated root canals lead to tooth pain that prevents you from eating or sleeping. The pain also leads to headaches and irritability. In addition, you will experience extreme tooth sensitivity that lingers when you take cold or hot substances.

Bacteria may enter the dental pulp through cracks, fissures, or deep cavities. They cause infections in the nerves and blood vessels inside your tooth. When the disease grows, it spreads to the surrounding tissues and other body parts.

It may spread to the gums causing periodontal disease, cheeks, tongue, neck, and head. The infection may also enter the bloodstream or brain. Eventually, it leads to sepsis, a life-threatening infection. Sepsis must be treated immediately at the dental office.

In addition, if an infection in the tooth roots is not treated, it can cause a pocket of pus or abscess. These pockets can easily spread and damage the jawbone resulting in tooth loss. Consequently, your appearance and dental function will be affected. You will also undergo additional treatment and expenses to replace the lost tooth.

What Are the Alternatives to Root Canal Treatments?

Some patients do not wish to have a root canal procedure. Others have teeth too damaged by infection to benefit from the treatment. In such cases, the dentist will recommend an alternative treatment. First, they will extract the tooth and infected tissues. Afterwards, the dentist will restore it with dental bridges or dental implants.

Get a Root Canal Treatment Today

Have your teeth become painful or sensitive to hot or cold things? Do not hesitate to visit the dentist as you may have a root canal infection. Therefore, you should contact us at Rosedale Dental Care to schedule a consultation.

We will assess the tooth to determine if you need a root canal or an alternative procedure. Then, our experts will treat the tooth and eliminate the symptoms. They will also restore the tooth to function properly. Our dental team will also help you to prevent further root canal infections.

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